Marketing Creative and Marketing Outsourcing Services

Expand your marketing team with marketing solutions

Our expert staff can provide marketing services to fit your credit union's needs. Whether you are simply looking to do a newsletter or want to outsource all of your marketing, from planning to implementation, our team can help.

Hire a team of experts when you need them — without the salaries — for your marketing projects, marketing planning, digital advertising, and e-marketing or direct mail needs.

We have been brought in to assist is when a key person leaves, or when growth demands more hands without the budget or expertise to hire another staff member.

The cost of using LemmonTree is less than adding another staff member with required benefits and necessary training. Instead, you get a group of professionals who "hit the ground running" and add value to your team with the first project. We are your "Virtual Marketing Outsource" for solutions that gets results.

Why Add Our Team to Yours?

Today, with more expected of your management team, too many critical projects can go unfinished because there is not enough time to focus on strategic initiatives. Discover the ability to hire a professional team who can move your projects forward and work effectively with your team, while you pay only for the projects.

Plus, working with our consultants who understand meeting deadlines, know your industry, and can be up to speed quickly will energize your team as pressure is lifted off their shoulders.

If you are considering outsourcing your marketing function, we have been providing full-service marketing, research and training solutions to clients as their virtual marketing department from the day we opened the doors!

Outsourcing, whether the entire marketing function or merely specific projects, by turning to the "virtual marketing team" at LemmonTree, allows the credit union management team to focus on achieving their goals, knowing that professionals are taking care of their marketing foundation.

To build business with your members, marketing must be consistent and frequent, so we find creative solutions to reach your members in the most effective way.

In the decades of work with credit unions, we have created solutions focused on achieving Credit Union's corporate goals such as:

  • Brand Image Development
  • New Product/Service Development
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Targeted and Matrix-Style Direct Mail
  • Media Advertising
  • Public Relations & Special Events
  • Special Projects
  • Retail Brochures & Corporate Branding in Branches
  • Quarterly/Monthly Newsletters and E-Newsletters

Online Solutions

Having a strong online presence is critical in staying competitive in today's marketplace. With effective online strategies, your website has the potential to be a true virtual branch. Let LemmonTree assist you with e-marketing solutions that can retain and grow member business.

Get a closer look at our online solutions:

Youth Programs

Research has shown that children today control billions of dollars in spending money. Young adults are choosing their primary financial institution by the age of 24, mostly influenced by parents. Attracting young members today will provide a better defense against the competition tomorrow.

Examples of Special Projects

There are many ways that LemmonTree can be of help in executing special projects. We provide custom solutions for a variety of needs such as:

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