Market Research and Membership Analysis

Uncover the member's perceptions of their experience to improve your bottom line

When you want to know more about your membership to build marketing solutions that get results, you need quality analysis. LemmonTree has conducted market research including online and paper surveys, focus groups and has used Marketing Customer Information File (MCIF) software packages to provide analysis for our clients.

Our professional staff will provide analysis and a report that can offer recommendations aimed at improving the credit union. Our suggestions address the credit union image, member communication, service, employee communication, products or technology ... just a few areas you may be interested in studying.

Although it seems obvious, the most important question before starting every research project is, "What do you want to find out?" The answer(s) help frame which technique(s) to use, how extensive the research should be and, if conducted as a baseline, whether the research should be repeated. Three techniques can be used.

Member Surveys

In today's highly competitive marketplace, it is imperative for credit unions to stay in tune with their members' financial needs, financial industry trends and the perception of members with respect to loyalty (Primary Financial Institution).

Our clients have gained from learning such key information as:
  • Satisfaction levels of a segmented sampling of the membership which is representative of and can be applied to the overall membership.
  • Trends or a similarity among answers indicating a need for changes in operations or new services.
  • Member perceptions of the image and professionalism of the organization, specific to staff departments.
  • Areas to be addressed with marketing planning and activities, such as branching and technology/electronic delivery services.
  • Indications related to future asset/liability management issues.
  • Satisfaction levels of quality and services by individual branches.

Each of our survey projects, whether online or by mail, is customized to meet the needs of the client credit union and to help establish benchmarks for future tracking. Our online surveys are efficient if you have a significant number of your member's email addresses. Mailed surveys could be as small as a postcard. We have even mailed an in-depth survey that was six pages long. Surveys could target a specific segment of the membership or could be a general "satisfaction" survey.

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Focus Groups

LemmonTree Marketing Group has conducted focus groups to answer questions for a variety of clients. As credit union and market research experts, we understand the credit union industry and the need for specific information required to make sound business decisions. We also know how to interview members in a group setting to make them open up and provide honest answers.

Each focus group project is customized to meet the needs of the individual client. Being committed to the highest industry standards, you will find am insightful design to your research that capture actionable data. Our clients gain from learning key information such as perceptions of:

You can determine how loyal your members are, their knowledge of your current products and services, how well they understand the benefits of being a member, and if they are interested in the credit union offering new products and/or services.

While mailed, phone and online surveys are all good for quantitative research, Focus Groups are better for gathering member perspectives about emotional issues. Focus groups provide qualitative research. The ability to sit with 20-30 people and "pick their brains" about your topic(s) allows us to uncover more through the interaction, through body language, and by the opportunity to probe their answers. By asking follow-up questions, it is easier to get to the reason behind their answers in a focus group setting.

Unexpected issues are usually uncovered during focus groups. Just by the nature of allowing members to discuss their experiences and voice their opinions; the group dynamic often makes members respond to the other in the room!

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Membership Analysis (with MCIF)

If your credit union has an MCIF system, we can help you "mine" the data from your system. Our staff is knowledgeable in using the major MCIF software packages for mining member databases and implementing innovative solutions with tracking results of promotions.

Our staff is certified and extremely knowledgeable about the interrelationship of member behavior in MCIF data and how to implement solutions to build relationships that are more profitable! We offer:

  • Virtual In-House Solutions - using VPN to process and analyze client's in-house MCIF
  • Targeted Direct Mail & E-Mail Programs with MCIF Tracking - from your data, we profile the members to determine targets for promotions, ongoing contact programs, and then track the results
  • List Purchase, Direct Mail Address List Pulls and E-Mail List Pulls - with our outsource capabilities, we can assist with member or household profiles and targeted lists

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