Strategic Marketing Plan

The Foundation for Achieving Credit Union Goals

For our clients, we design marketing plans that create a consistent level of marketing and build a "marketing flywheel" where members are touched on a regular basis. This flywheel approach is meant to achieve and maintain appropriate marketing momentum to keep your brand in front of members and prospective members and generate leads for the products and services you want to capture.

To assist your credit union in creating an annual plan to take your marketing to the next level, we will build a plan that will be the foundation for the next several years. LemmonTree will include the strategies, membership analysis, promotion themes with recommend incentives for members and staff, an annual budget, and a promotional timeline as a plan, by month, of marketing activities.

Marketing Plan Outline

As a way to organize your marketing to meet your credit union goals and provide you with a successful plan, here is the outline that we follow to develop a living document to guide your annual marketing:

With a variety of tools and worksheets, the plan is developed on your current foundation to take advantage of past marketing efforts and build upon those to pump up your marketing for achieving your goals!

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Management of Marketing Plan

If you have a marketing team that is lean and focused, you can add our team to yours for managing your Credit Union's marketing efforts. You can count on an effective consulting retainer for telephone, email correspondence and on-site visits. Included in the retainer are:

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Strategic Marketing Planning Program

Through Credit Union Marketing University

The Strategic Marketing Planning program is a bundle of excellent marketing tools to help you develop your strategic marketing plan. With a blend of learning modules, live webinars, 90-minute live group coaching calls, library of marketing skills webinars, and a final review by our team, here's what to expect:

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