Training, Education and Management Consulting

Enhance your team for better performance

As part of our holistic approach to marketing, we have found that management consulting, marketing consulting, training and education can be critical components to the successful development of a sales and service culture and employee development. Because your staff is the face of your credit union to members, whether in person or over the phone, the investment in their professionalism enhances your brand in the mind of the member.

For some of Nicolette Lemmon's ideas, click here to view and download a PDF with her "Six Tips for Creating Stories."

Training and Education Options

From our on-site (in-house) training, to our video training, to speakers for your events, and even online training programs, we believe in expanding the knowledge and skill sets of marketing professionals as well as senior executives in the industry.

On-Site Training, Workshops and Video Training Programs

Here are a few of the areas that we provide on-site programs:

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Online Training/Education Programs

For online training, consider Credit Union Marketing University for:

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Management Consulting Services

Having a strong plan and a cohesive team is critical to staying competitive in today's marketplace. With an effective strategic plan, and a team organized and motivated to put the credit union mission above their self-interests, your potential multiplies. Let LemmonTree assist you; get a closer look at our unique solutions:

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