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The biographies of our speakers, Nicolette Lemmon and Dennis Koepke, can be found here.
Here is a sample of topics and descriptions of presentations; we have presented on many other topics over the years. If you have a marketing, marketing research, management or coaching topic you are interested, just ask!

1. Management Training: Coaching Topics for Managers & Supervisors

a. One-Minute Cross-Sell Coach:
3 Cross-Sell Coaching Tools; Coaching Techniques to Support a Sales Culture

This workshop is designed to help supervisors improve front-line staff cross-selling. It will help supervisors and trainers understand required leadership skills and includes tips about observation, feedback and monitoring; as well as ways to enhance the sales culture. Supervisors and trainers will receive tips and tools for:
  • Coaching to enhance performance
  • Providing positive feedback as a powerful tool
  • Improving performance by careful observation and documentation
  • Setting an example through attitude, actions and respectful behavior

b. Coaching to Enhance Performance:
4 Ways to Motivate; Communication for Enhancing Skills

Communication is the key to being the best coach or mentor to staff members. During this session you will learn techniques to monitor and track behavior and enhance your coaching skills to:
  • Modify your personality style to be more effective
  • Improve your "active listening" skills
  • Use questions to enable the staff member to convince themselves
  • Know what three questions to always have ready

c. Change Management:
3 "Moves" to Use on Staff Who are Stuck; Techniques for Helping Staff Cope with Change

Leaders/coaches/mentors/managers need to understand the change model to be effective. Leaders should help employees cope with changes so they can be more effective in their roles. In this session we will cover how managers can and should:
  • Be a "Change Agent"
  • Champion the message of change with staff, and promote a positive attitude
  • Assess the morale of staff
  • Work with the staff member who is having trouble
  • Use three "moves" on employees who are stuck

d. Conflict Management:
4 Key Ways to Calm and Get Results; Resolving Conflict & Building Commitment

In every workplace where there is pressure to achieve goals, there are opportunities for conflicts to arise. This session offers tips to negotiate the best employee solutions by:
  • Understanding the types of conflict
  • Gaining commitment to cooperate
  • Reducing stress and promoting fairness
  • Using four steps to identify and resolve conflict

e. The Mentoring Program:
Reaching New Heights; Setting the Course for Self-Achievement

The workshop will provide sound coaching skills to help participants be the best mentor, one who gets results. Exercises are designed to help participants understand the power of positive feedback and follow up. Participants will learn several tools to use for successful mentoring. Handouts include forms and reminders for participants to refer to after the workshop.
  • Expectations and Requirements of the Program
  • Being The Best Mentor & Best Protege
  • The Benefits of a Personal Strategic Plan
  • A Review of Goal Setting
  • The Research Project
  • Setting the Program in Motion

f. The Communication Game:
Skills to Enhance Your Communication Style

Because every job requires communicating with other people, the very first aspect of developing better communication is to understand how to better relate to others. In this workshop, innovative techniques and interesting information are combined with active participation in fun exercises to illustrate various communication styles. From nonverbal to conversation communication, participants will gain valuable and simple ways to enhance their own skills and better understand the communication of others.

In an interactive format, Nicolette will help participants understand how every aspect of communication from body language to the English language as well as personality style affects how w process messages. Regarding conversation communication, Nicolette will introduce the concepts of word meanings, "fighting words" to avoid, and gender differences; in essence how participants can create "clear" communication.

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2. Personal Development Topics

a. When Change Happens, How To Embrace Your NEXT!

Life has constant change. Some are minor changes like buying a new car, taking on a new responsibility at work, trying a new hairstyle or starting a new diet. Then, there are major changes such as divorce, illness, an empty nest or retirement. With all change, there is a process that we go through subconsciously that has been noted as the grief process. Knowing that, the most difficult thing is to keep upbeat and focused and, in turn, positively affect those around us at work and personal lives. For those big changes in your life, Nicolette will provide tools to embrace what’s NEXT! Developed based on extensive research and training, you will find she provides insight into the human dimension that defines achievement and success including:

b. Imaginate To Motivate!

Life has become one of constant change. From downsizing to more competition putting pressure on budgets, people are finding it difficult to keep morale up and employees motivated. The presentation called Imaginate to Motivate provides fun, creative thoughts on how to get enthusiasm and buy-in from team members and subordinates. The basis of the program is the acronym Imaginate, which is: In addition, participants will hear about how to identify excuses for a closed mind and ways to put new ideas to work. As a final outcome, a quick exercise will show participants the key to giving positive feedback for motivating others.
The session is typically 90 minutes in length and includes a participatory exercise and handouts.

c. Believing In Your Magic
An Upbeat Approach to Achieving Personal Goals

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."
Napoleon Hill

Part of helping people to achieve their goals and dreams is having a solid foundation of ongoing goal setting and a positive belief system. "Believing in Your Magic" is a self-development presentation that focuses on setting up the vision of personal and professional dreams, using various types of goal setting, and then creating a support system.

In this interactive session, Nicolette Lemmon will present easy to use exercises and tools to help participants define their vision of success. During the session, participants will then be led through exercises and shown examples of how to build self-esteem and a positive self-image to achieve their vision and dreams.

The program has the flexibility of being a keynote or participatory workshop. Because of the nature of the material, the session is appropriate for executives, top management, and staff level personnel.

d. Jump-start Your Creative Batteries; A Motivational Session That Sparks Hundreds Of Ideas

To keep fresh and interested in your work, every job requires constant pursuit of new and different ideas. In fact, our everyday lives can do with a dusting away of the cobwebs in our minds, which restrict our creativity. Most of us fall victim to doing things in a routine and allow ruts to develop. This workshop will combine innovative techniques and information with active participation in fun exercises to "Jump-Start Your Creative Batteries." You will gain valuable, yet simple, ways to unlock your mind's storage chest of ideas to be more innovative on the job and in your personal life. Learn to flex your creative muscle:

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3. Credit Union Marketing Topics

a. Becoming the Digital Native
Move to the Digital-First Position in Member Experience, Marketing & Social Media

"Stop looking at your business as physical, web and mobile. It's about consumers and the only thing that matters to consumers is the one screen that is in front of them. (What devices they are addicted to!)" CTRL ALT DELETE by Mitch Joel If people are shopping online and using mobile technology more, your Credit Union has to be there and with convenient solutions! Being ready to shift to the digital space means simplifying the ways to do business with your Credit Union. In this session, you will learn about:
  • Embracing 3 Key Digital Strategies or Face a Slow Demise
  • Creating the Story of Your Brand across All Touches with Members
  • Getting Your Staff to Become Digital Natives and to Interact Across Platforms
  • Auditing Your Member Experience to Identify Enhancements
  • Engaging Prospects with Digital Marketing & Tracking Results

b. Do You Speak Millennial?
Enhance the Impact of the Generations on Credit Union Revenues, Staff & Profitability

Credit unions have the potential to capture their members' financial services for a lifetime relationship. The Millennial/Gen Y and Baby Boom are two of the largest generations impacting our credit union memberships today. The growing Millennial/Gen Y mirrors the size of the Baby Boom as the original Baby Boomers have moved into their senior years. At the same time, Gen X is in the prime lending and investing years. This presentation focuses on the strategies to use for capturing and building relationships across all generations. Plus, staffing of credit unions is being impacted by the same generational shifts.
Participants will learn:
  • Characteristics of the generations working together serving member of different generations
  • Marketing strategies to tap each generation
  • Tips on keeping the middle-aged members tied to the credit union
  • How to romance the large wave of aging Boomers
  • Enhancing communication across 4 generations in the workplace

c. Avoiding 3 Social Media Pitfalls
How to Create a Success Strategy

In the fast-paced, congested marketplace, your members and potential members are constantly bombarded with messages online, including in social media. More importantly, you only have about 7 seconds to capture their attention.
This talk includes:
  • The 3 Social Media Pitfalls - The Ways to Avoid Them
  • The Keys to Choosing Your Social Media Channels - Time, Talent, Budget
  • Create A Social Media Success Strategy Using Your CU Brand Story - 3 Story Types

d. A Whole New Ballgame
Competitive Marketing & Business Development Strategies

The new marketplace mixed with digital, online and other competitors has been challenging for anyone involved in the financial services industry. From shorter time cycles to hyper moves in technology, many credit unions are scrambling to understand what their role has become as a financial services provider. Information technology is outpacing the training of staff and, while emphasis is still being placed on quality service to members, cross selling has moved into the forefront as important to survival. In the midst of all the push to be competitive and change internal cultures, credit unions are realizing the need for being market driven rather than market reactive. The difference means having a strategic marketing plan in place to guide marketing decisions and anticipate where the market is going rather than being impacted by it.
Participants will gain current trends and information that can integrate marketing into every area of the credit union by heightening the awareness of the role everyone plays.
  • Building the relationship with your members through quality service - 4 key practices
  • Enhancing profitability by cross‐helping members into more services - show and tell of what getting their business means to the credit union
  • Coaching as the key to effectively achieving the balance - the role of management in supporting culture changes - 2 proven methods

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