Want to Attract More Prospects in Your FOM?

Extend Your Reach with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is
Strategic, Affordable and Trackable

Reach Out First
Target consumers instead of waiting for the consumer to find you!
Market to Your FOM Area
Target zip codes that you serve, not a huge media area that causes waste of your marketing dollars.
Have a Target of Likely Prospects
Use demographic and consumer interest information for enhanced targeting for specific products.
Track Results
Analyze success with reporting of results in overall impressions and click-thrus by ad as well as Google Analytics to track landing page activity to know if your marketing message is attracting attention.

The new consumers are not linear.

They are scattered. They are squiggly. They are connected—not only to one another, but also the world—and their connectivity and engagement are highly untethered.


4 Ways to Market Online:

Ads to a targeted area using geography, demographics, interests and behaviors

Ads on smartphones & tablets in popular news feeds and other platforms

Ads on Facebook and other social networks

Pre-roll commercials; Lists provided through targeting

Where to start?

Your Path to Digital-First Marketing



Digital Ads — Targeted area and/or demographics

Retargeting — Ads to remind visitors to your website of your brand and to come back for special offers



Mobile Solutions — Designed for mobile devices



Social Media Programs — Ads on Facebook



Video Marketing — Pre-roll commercials

Email Marketing — Lists provided through targeting

Our programs are tailored to fit your budget. To see an example campaign, click here. Plus, you can pick ongoing campaigns or a test for 6 months. Ad designs can be changed as needed. Click here to email us at LemmonTree for more information, or call 480.967.1405.

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