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At LemmonTree, we want to provide you with the resources to help you strive for excellence in your marketing.

My Marketing Insights Blog
Expand your marketing knowledge with our blog,! You will find financial marketing insights and resources needed to help grow your organization's bottom line. And, speak your mind about marketing by dialoging with our marketers - we do answer back!

NEW! Managing Social Media - Social Media Policy Outline & Time Management Techniques
Effectively incorporating social media into your credit union's marketing mix can be a lot to manage. However, with careful planning and monitoring, social media can quickly become a vital part of your marketing strategy. As a first step, employee social media policies and guidelines should be created to protect your credit union's brand and reputation. >>Read our Social Media Policy Outline & Time Management Techniques (PDF)

Virtual Branch Audit Tool
With so many consumers relying on online products and services to help manage their hectic lives, is your credit union keeping up? It’s important that your website be the virtual branch members can turn to for the financial solutions that fit their needs.Try our FREE Virtual Branch Audit to find out!

CU Marketing Effectiveness Tool
Try one of our tools for starting a strategic marketing audit. Click here for access. Because most of the power of marketing comes from the commitment from the management team, this tool will hopefully start some wheels turning and discussions!

NEW! Video Tips for Creating Online Content
From corporate sites to blogs to YouTube, the use of video as a marketing tool online is becoming "the" must-have medium. Why? Because it makes your information and messaging come alive, seemingly more personal. Ready to create your own? Check out our Video tips!

Successful Marketing Strategies Manual & Virtual Marketing Professor (VMP) CD
Strengthen your marketing strategy with our Successful Marketing Strategies manual that is full of quality marketing information with our special VMP CD of marketing cost recovery, return on investment tools and more. This manual is also provided to our CU Marketing University students because it offers strategies and tools covered in the week-long program. >>Order now

Business Development Manual
Today, every credit union is looking for employed members to serve. If you are looking to realign your business development efforts, consider our updated manual to jumpstart ideas. It has lots of examples and comes with a CD of the worksheets within the manual for easy use by business development representatives. >>Order now!

Mortgage Marketing e-ChoiceSolutions Mortgage Articles
e-ChoiceSolutions, a mortgage CUSO, asked LemmonTree to contribute mortgage articles for the mortgage company's newsletter. e-ChoiceSolutions, LLC is a Credit Union Services Organization (CUSO) created to meet the growing needs of Telhio CU members and members of other participating credit unions. Click below for these articles highlighting ways to attract and build more mortgage business with your members.

Attracting First-Time Home Buyers
Uncover Mortgage Business in a Tough Market
It's all about Timing

Webinars – Through CU Marketing University
Periodically, the faculty of Credit Union Marketing University hosts webinars. Topics range from material addressed in CU Marketing University tracks to layering social media, consumer trends, generation marketing, and improving ROA! To review past webinars or to check for the next scheduled webinar, click here.

Market Research - Gen Y and Hispanic Market Research
Want to reach your Gen Y members or the Hispanic market with the right messages and marketing channels? Act now and purchase our research on Gen Y or the Hispanic Market. Learn about their purchasing power, financial behavior, cultural impact, and more! To purchase, contact us at or 888-536-6243.

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