The Year of Living Creatively:

When Change Happens...How to Embrace Your NEXT!

Life has constant change. Some are minor changes like buying a new car, taking on a new responsibility at work, trying a new hairstyle or starting a new diet. Then, there are major changes such as divorce, illness, an empty nest or retirement. With all change, there is a process that we go through subconsciously that has been noted as the grief process. Knowing that, the most difficult thing is to keep upbeat and focused and, in turn, positively affect those around us.

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About the Guidebook

The Year of Living Creatively is a guidebook for developing awareness of how to have your life filled with joy, hope, abundance and adventure! It is filled with exercises to enhance creativity and ultimately bring out the passion that may have been negatively impacted by the drama of a big change.

Developed for women who have had experiences like divorce, major illness, career disruption, the change of life, the empty nest or the failing health of parents, the guidebook provides exercises to foster creativity to help cope with life's twists and turns.

Find out how using your creative muscle will help you turn life's disappointments or scary changes into new discoveries, ideas and peace - whatever life throws at you!

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An Interactive Group Workshop

This interactive session provides ways to help you adapt to big changes in your life and embrace what's NEXT! Nicolette Lemmon presents easy to use exercises and tools to help participants move forward when change happens with hope, joy, adventure and abundance.

Developed based on extensive research and training, you will find she provides insight into the human dimension that defines achievement and success. Her participative style allows interaction with the audience and lively discussion during her sessions about:

The program has the flexibility of being a keynote or a participatory workshop and appropriate for any audience including executives, senior management, and staff.

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Quotes from "The Year of Living Creatively"

A Free Copy

Those who have heard Nicolette speak about the guidebook, as well as readers, have asked for the quotes from the guidebook that they have said were inspirational. To post on a desk or on a wall to use for daily inspiration, we created a free printable PDF.

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About the Author: Nicolette Lemmon

From writing to managing to teaching, I have a drive to use my passion for helping people achieve their goals.

Most of my career was creating marketing solutions that put customer's "butts in the seats" ready to buy through my own marketing consulting firm! In addition, armed with my MBA, I taught graduate level and undergraduate courses at the University of Phoenix because I loved to interact with students. That led to being a speaker on a variety of marketing topics and making training videos as well as founding online webinar workshops, training and tools that included coaching topics for professionals.

As a certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner, I have incorporated my study in self-development within my books, webinars and workshops.

There are few things more exciting to me than stretching further to learn more. One thing we can all count on is change. The changing technology, social media and online landscape has definitely shaken things up, giving all of us a run for the money in keeping up, adapting with new ideas, shifting gears and jumping on new bandwagons.

That's the reason for my book, blog and resources to help you when change happens and enjoy your NEXT!


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